Andrew Gammie

Andrew Gammie  Capalaba, Australia

I'm a proud Dad to two beautiful little children - Jalen & Ariana. I love Basketball, Music, Sports & enjoy Cooking for family or friends. Weekends are spent having quality time with my little family. I work fulltime in the Superannuation industry while my fiancé Rayna is the one who has the hard job - looking after our kids. She is the rock of the family and does an amazing job not only dealing with a newborn baby but also a son with a disability. Together we make a great team. Our campaign is all for Jalen - he is my inspiration in life and never gives up - no matter what the task at hand is whether it's standing, physio, speech therapy or in his walker. We just want the best for our son, as he always gives his best and deserves a chance to have a good quality of life and our job is to try and give him that. To our family & friends who have given us unconditional love and support - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To Stephen and Matt at UnityAid we thank you for all your hard work, time & effort you've put in to help make this a success. Andrew.