Fritz Herscheid

Fritz Herscheid  Cairns, Australia

My name is Fritz Herscheid. Briefly, I own and operate Barrier Reef Business Brokers in Cairns, and my wife (God bless her) understands my adventurous ways. I am fit and actively engaged in various sporting activities. Our adventurous spirit and lifestyle during those years in the Pacific took us to some very interesting places, especially those with WW2 connections. I am a licensed Business Brokers and Real Estate Agent (Queensland, Australia), a Justices of the Peace (Qual), I am an Australia Commonwealth Certified Commercial Diver and also a PADI Dive Master. Prior to operating several businesses in Australia, I spent a considerable period in some very remote parts of the South Pacific; including New Guinea, Solomons, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji and Tuvalu. I have accumulated an immense storehouse of knowledge, this includes not only local and geographical issues but especially all things relating to WW2 in the Pacific, interesting historical sites, shipwrecks and tragedies of war. It is this knowledge that I we wish to translate to film and the following titles will give the reader some idea of the exciting material which I believe, will also excite a vast spectrum of the viewing public. I am also a qualified ships captain for boats up to 30 meters. I have the enthusiasm, business knowledge and professionalism to carry any of the above projects.