Janis Glassop

Janis Glassop  Buderim, Australia

I've spent many years of my life caring for my 2 daughters who were diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome at an early age. I've always been a working Mum and have been blessed with numerous 'Other Mothers' who have greatly assisted in caring for my beautiful girls. Other things in life become secondary when your child or children have special needs. It's not always easy and it's usually very solitary, however I have been blessed with a huge amount of support from family and friends. Seeing the amazing work that Megan Donnell is doing to try and save her kiddies from the life my family has had, has greatly inspired me. If such a trial was available 25 years ago, I would be doing exactly what Megan is now doing... anything possible to fund these clinical trials, and possibly save my children from this dreadful disease. My input may not be huge dollar wise, but Megan and all families who have children with Sanfilippo Syndrome simply need us all to stand beside and lend a hand. It's not too hard to give up a few things once in a while, and it can make so much difference to the lives of these innocent children.