Vickie Magic

Vickie Magic  Mooloolaba, Australia

I am the Managing Editor/Owner/Publisher of Business Matters Magazines and Co-Owner/Publisher of Why Fitness Magazine. My varied business background includes ten years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ten years as a small business owner and another 10 years in the advertising industry in Brisbane, including radio and print. At Business Matters Magazine, we are passionate about Educating, Motivating and Connecting like minded business owners and business professionals to each other, but our number one point of difference is that in both magazine we will not print anything negative whatsoever. I personally want to make a difference in the world. One of my absolute favourite sayings is 'BE THE CHANGE", that's why I want to do something here, that's the reason I am shaving my head. Some people watch and say "What could I do", something things appear to be too big a problem". My mantra is I can do something and every little something makes added together with other little somethings can make a massive something.